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There is one thing without which I could never have produced the hundreds of hours of podcast that I have put on the internet in various places: Ultraschall. Now, I want to start sharing my knowledge about it with you.

Ultraschall is one of those tools that you can hardly believe exists. A fully developed, powerful podcast environment, runs on mac, Windows and even Linux, costs nothing and is constantly being developed further. And the whole thing is also pretty to look at and has the user in focus – a rarity in the realm of free tools.

Sometime in 2017, I started with Ultraschall and in the last five years there have not only been version jumps from 2.x to today's version 5, but also a lot of tangible improvements. Today, with Ultraschall, I can not only record my babble, but also edit it, optimise the sound, add chapter markers, export everything cleanly and then also enrich the mp3 with metadata. I don't know of any software that can do all that from one source.

The one big disadvantage of Ultraschall is that it is not easy for everyone to get started. It is by no means difficult, anyone who has ever edited anything, whether video or audio, will find their way around immediately, but the details on how to get started are a little scattered. The German speaking forum Sendegate is a good starting point, but it can take a while to find the relevant information – that is if you understand German.

I want everyone with an interest in podcasting to be able to get started easily. For this purpose, I have recorded a series (actually two) of tutorials that show everything from start to finish. It starts with the installation of Ultraschall (which used to be much more complicated, now it's a piece of cake) to the export of the finished mp3. You can find my tutorials on YouTube and linked here.

If you know people who would like to start podcasting, I would be happy if you steered them in my direction. I would also be happy to support you personally in getting started, just write me a message at kontaktjoram [AT] schwartzmann DE.

Joram Schwartzmann

Joram Schwartzmann ist Wissenschaftskommunikator aus Berlin. Er beschäftigt sich mit Pflanzenbiologie und Forschungskommunikation.